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Creating a WiFi hotspot in Windows 7 + Sharing Internet connection for use, in Android

Nowadays, almost all cell phones have an inbuilt WiFi adapter. And also, Android OS is much popular these days. Thus most of us have an Android phone with latest WiFi technology, may be 802.11 b/g/n. As almost all PC’s today are equipped with a WiFi adapter and almost every computer OS provides the feature of creating a Wireless Connection, one may think of creating one and share the internet connection for use in Android. But it is of no use, as Android is unable to detect “ad-hoc” wireless networks and it needs an “infrastructure network”. Its well enough if you have a wireless router as its somewhat not possible to create an “infrastructure network” using PC’s WiFi.

But, here comes the twist. The line you read just 2 seconds ago is wrong. Yeah, one can create a Wireless Network using PC’s WiFi for use in Android (Under some conditions!). This guide features a complete tutorial on creating a Wireless Connection in Windows (detectable by Android) and sharing your Internet Connection over WiFi.

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