A trick …..

There is a trick to hide the files inside an image file…

Some people may be knowing this but let me describe it for those who don’t know about this…

The trick is that you can hide your “so called” important files inside an image…..and when you open it(the image) with win Rar, you can find the files….. the trick goes like this…..

WinRar is needed for this…..

First of all, just  make a rar archive containing all thos files which you want to hide…..

Then select the image you want to hide the files into…

make sure both, the image and the rar archive are in the same folder

now open command prompt. Go to the folder where the files are kept. Then write the following command…(without double-quotes)

“copy /b <image file name> + <rar archive name> <new image file name>”

for example :

“copy /b abc.jpg + xyz.rar def.jpg”

after the command is executed successfully, you will find an image file with the name you gave as “new image file name”. In the previous example, you will find an image file named ‘def.jpg’

now right-click the image file and “open with win rar”…you will find the hidden files there

now you can delete the initial files..(the image file and the archive…..and not the new image file which was generated !!!)


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