Hack the resources !

Just imagine that when u start ur PC, and boot into XP, you see your own image on the login screen….seems exiting….Its possible and u can do it yourself…just using some tools…..

IT Professionals (especially developers) must be knowing that a single application consists of several embedded resources…
An .exe file for some application may contain embedded bitmaps, icons, dialogs, etc. We can edit that resources(like bitmaps) and we can customize the look of that application according to our needs.

for eg: when we start quick-heal, we see a splash screen…what if ur photo appears on the splash screen…amazing….isn’t it?

I am talking about a tool named ResourceHacker. Its an amazing tool for editing the resources contained in the .exe or .dll file. You can replace the bitmaps, icons, etc. You can even edit the dialog boxes and string messages. You can edit almost all the resources…It is available for free download on most of the websites.

You can write your own name instead of “start” in XP’s taskbar using ResourceHacker. Just you have to do is to download ResourceHacker. Open the explorer.exe file in it. It will list all the bitmaps, icons, strings, etc. Just find the string “Start” and replace it with your name. Save the file. And restart the pc. You will find your name instead of “Start” in the taskbar…

There are many more things you can do with ResourceHacker

Search the web for more……


4 thoughts on “Hack the resources !

  1. nice but it could makes your system unstable if any of this tool made little mistake when it doing any job for u..
    there was mo comment so i have done above comment hehe..
    welcome back after a long period of time but we haven’t missed you!! haha

  2. su bhai !! have to net aave pan mahino thai gayo te pan 12mbps .!!
    have to kai update karo !! su saram aave teva kaam karo cho !! : ) : )

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