Microsoft Office 2010 Installation Issues – Mainly for Xp SP2 Users…..

There are many people like Me who still use Windows Xp even though Windows 7 is available. In this post I have tried to focus on the common installation errors encountered during the installation of Microsoft Office 2010. Even I myself was frustrated after trying to install it on my machine but the setup failed every time.

The most initial error (or a warning we can say) which is shown at the beginning of the installation is that it requires Windows Xp SP3 and it refuses to install on machines running Windows Xp SP2.

Well, the most common solution to this error is that you can update your copy of windows using Windows Update and it will convert it from SP2 to SP3. But, updating requires much time unless you have a high-speed internet connection ! There are many alternate ways of solving a single problem. You might be knowing that it is very easy to fool Windows OS ! (Hope anyone from Microsoft doesn’t read this post !). I just googled a little and found that there are very simple steps to convert your Windows Xp SP2 to SP3 so that MS Office 2010 can be installed. By saying this it doesn’t mean that it will update your system files and will convert it fully to SP3. What I mean to say is that, only some registry entries will be changed so that when the MS Office 2010 setup utility checks for the current Service Pack of the OS, it will find it to be SP3 even though it is SP2 in real !

The steps for doing this are as follows:
1. Go to the Registry Editor (open run and type ‘regedit’ ane press enter)
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows
3. Change CSDVersion string value from 200 to 300
4. Reboot.
And that’s all. Your SP2 is now converted to SP3 ! Repeat the first four steps to get 300 to 200 parameter again. (To get back SP2 from SP3).

Also in some cases, after the setup starts, it sticks in between and displays, “Setup failed : Windows Installer is unable to update one or more protected system files. Setup is rolling back.”. Mostly this error occurs during the installation of MS Office 2010. This error not only occurs in Xp but it also occurs in almost all the versions. (Vista and 7).

There is also a very simple solution for this:
1. Just insert your Xp SP2 CD and Browse to the folder named “i386”.
2. Copy the “FP40EXT.CAB” file to some place on your Local Drive and extract it. (You will need some utilities like WinRar to extract it.).
3. Then copy the extracted contents to the folder “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\40\bin”. (Replace ” C: ” here, with the drive letter of your drive in which Windows is installed.)
That’s all. Run MS Office setup again and it will complete without any errors. I haven’t tried on other versions of windows but I think the above solution will also work for them.

One more error / warning it shows is that the setup requires MSXML version 6.10.1129.0. Just google a little or browse Microsoft’s website and you will find the installer for this version of MSXML. After installing it the setup will proceed normally. This error rarely occurs, and also is solved easily.

These were the 3 major difficulties which users face while installing Microsoft office 2010 on their machines. Hope this information solves their problem.


12 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2010 Installation Issues – Mainly for Xp SP2 Users…..

  1. the reason office 2010 doesn’t install on sp2 is because office 2010 requires sp3 minimum in order to run it. try installing sp3

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