Install Windows Vista or 7 using USB…..

Many a times it happens that we want to install any OS in our machine but the CD/DVD Drive doesn’t works. At that time we have to go for alternate ways of installing the OS. Here I will show the steps of installing Windows Vista or Windows 7 using a USB Drive.

You will require a USB Drive (Should be of minimum 4 GB), DVD / Image file (ISO) of Windows Vista or 7 and of course, a machine having Windows Xp, Vista or 7 installed. The steps are simple. First of all I will recommend that you take a backup of the data in the USB Drive because we will need to format it. Now in order to install the OS from this USB Drive it should be made bootable. Follow the below steps to make it bootable and prepare it for the installation :

1. Plug the USB Drive, open “My Computer” and note the drive letter of the USB Drive.

2. Now, open Command Prompt. (Type cmd in Run and press Enter.).

3. Type the command FORMAT H: /FS:NTFS (Replace H: here with the drive letter of your USB Drive.). This command will convert the file system of your USB Drive to NTFS.

4. Now, insert the Windows Vista or 7 DVD, or if you have an Image file (ISO) then mount it using UltraIso or similar programs.

5. Open the Command Prompt, type G: and press Enter. (Here, G: is the drive letter of your DVD Drive or the Virtual Drive in which installation media is mounted.).

6. Type CD BOOT and press Enter.

7. Type the command BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 H: (Replace H: here with the drive letter of your USB Drive.).

8. After some processing, the Command Prompt will display this message : “Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.”. Once you see this message, copy the contents of the DVD or the ISO Image file to your USB Drive.

Now your USB Drive is ready for installation of the OS. Restart your machine and enter the BIOS. Assign highest Boot Priority to your USB Drive. (This means that after restarting, your machine will first boot from your USB Drive.). Now, exit the BIOS with the option of saving the settings. Make sure that your USB Drive is plugged. After your machine restarts, it will boot from your USB Drive and will start the process for installing the OS.


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