Creating a WiFi hotspot in Windows 7 + Sharing Internet connection for use, in Android

Nowadays, almost all cell phones have an inbuilt WiFi adapter. And also, Android OS is much popular these days. Thus most of us have an Android phone with latest WiFi technology, may be 802.11 b/g/n. As almost all PC’s today are equipped with a WiFi adapter and almost every computer OS provides the feature of creating a Wireless Connection, one may think of creating one and share the internet connection for use in Android. But it is of no use, as Android is unable to detect “ad-hoc” wireless networks and it needs an “infrastructure network”. Its well enough if you have a wireless router as its somewhat not possible to create an “infrastructure network” using PC’s WiFi.

But, here comes the twist. The line you read just 2 seconds ago is wrong. Yeah, one can create a Wireless Network using PC’s WiFi for use in Android (Under some conditions!). This guide features a complete tutorial on creating a Wireless Connection in Windows (detectable by Android) and sharing your Internet Connection over WiFi.

Before continuing with this tutorial, I recommend you to download mHotspot. Its required for creating an infrastructure network (A Hotspot!). Also, let me assure, that this software works only in Windows 7 and above. Thus, XP users have to find some other solution as we cannot continue without this application. Sorry for that !! So, lets begin.

First of all, we need to share our working Internet Connection with the WiFi adapter. For doing so, proceed as follows.

Open “Network and Sharing Center”. From the left pane, click on “Change adapter settings”.

This will list all your network adapters and connections. Now right-click on your current, working Internet Connection and select “Properties”.

A dialog box will be opened as shown in the image. Go to the sharing tab. Check the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection“. If it is already checked, uncheck and check it again. Now, from the dropdown under the label “Home networking connection”, select “Wireless Network Connection 2” from the list.

In most PC’s its name is “Wireless Network Connection 2” by default, unless changed. If you can not find it in the list, just search for your “Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter” and select its name from the list. Then, click on “OK”. If prompted about some IP Address settings, just click “OK” and proceed further.

Now, open Properties of that “Wireless Network Connection 2” (Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter). Double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”.

It will open up another Properties window. Here, select the option “Use the following IP adress”. Set the “IP address” to, the “Subnet mask” to and leave the “Default gateway” blank. Also, set as the “Preferred DNS server”. Leave “Alternate DNS server”, blank. Click “OK” and also close other Properties window. Thus, we have shared our Internet connection. Then, connect to the Internet connection.

Now, we proceed towards creating a WiFi hotspot. For that double-click on “mHotspot.exe” that we downloaded a the beginning of this tutorial. Then, click on “SETUP HOTSPOT”.

Give the desired name and a password (minimum 8 characters). Make sure you provide a strong password (I recommend that the password should contain alphanumeric characters with atleast one uppercase letter and one special character like for example: “Ggsr@143”). After that, click on “OK”.

Now click on the “START” button.

Now, click on the network icon in the taskbar and check whether the name of the newly created WiFi hotspot appears or not. If the name is listed, means we have successfully configured our hotspot.

It will show “Internet access” under the name of your current Internet connection and also under the name of our recently created WiFi hotspot. If “No internet access” is mentioned under the name of your current Internet connection, means you are not yet connected to the internet. While, if “Internet access” is mentioned under your current connection but “No internet access” is mentioned under the name of the hotspot, means the Internet connection is not properly shared. Just repeat the previous steps for sharing the Internet connection properly. If all set, then its time to configure the Android device.

Below here, I have mentioned steps for the Android device running Android v2.3.6 (Gingerbread). Though, the steps are somewhat similar for other versions. So, just go to Settings -> Wireless and networks -> Wi-Fi settings. Now open menu and select “Advanced” option.

Here, check the option “Use static IP”. Set the “IP address” to, “Gateway” to, “Netmask” to and “DNS1” to and leave “DNS2” blank. Now save the settings and turn the Wi-Fi on.

It will detect and display the name of our hotspot in the available networks list. Select the network, enter the password and tap on Connect. If you are authenticated correctly, your cell phone will be connected to the hotspot.

That’s it. You can now use the Internet on your device.

I have basically shown the steps for Android but, these can be done the same way in other devices. One just needs to know how to configure the IP settings in that device. This hotspot is detectable in almost every WiFi enabled device. Thus it can be used to share an Internet connection between PC’s too.

Happy and Safe Browsing !!


403 thoughts on “Creating a WiFi hotspot in Windows 7 + Sharing Internet connection for use, in Android

  1. hey buddy I followed whatever you said. created hotspot using mhotspot, changed the ip address both in connection and device, connected successfully my android to the network. the notification shows it is connected. but i am unable to access internet. the browser page keeps on loading. Facebook app says connection lost(retry). Please help me. I am using android 2.3.5 in micromac a57. FYI: I am using the wifi of my college to access internet behind a proxy with individual username and password.

      • Kindly tell the steps for setting proxy
        i’m using karbonn a9+ having android 4.0.4.
        i have connected my device successfully, and also completed all the steps following you but still internet is not working, please suggest.

      • After connecting to your hotspot… in the Wi-Fi settings, long press on the connected hotspot, a menu will appear. Select β€œmodify network config”. Mark β€œShow advanced options” checkbox. Scroll to proxy settings and select manual. Proxy options will now appear where you can input your desired proxy settings.

      • please tell me what are the proxy settings i should enter?
        I am trying to connect my xperia c mobile, tried all your steps but didn’t worked for me.if i have to modify my proxy settings,pls tell me in detail abt proxy settings.
        pls help asap

      • If your internet connection doesn’t use any Proxy, there is no need to enter any proxy settings in your Android device. If you still can’t get it connected to internet, please re-check the ip addresses on both the devices. Enter the ip addresses as I mentioned in the article. Sometimes after enabling internet sharing, the ip gets changed automatically! Thus its better to re-assign it..! πŸ™‚

  2. it works realy u rocks em soooooooooooooooooo much happy with so nice sharing coz i hav wasted lots of my time n finaly u slove my problem thank u so much

  3. Pingback: Full Online Tutorial » Creating a WiFi hotspot in Windows 7 + Sharing Internet connection for use, in Android

    • Recheck the ip address in the pc. Sometimes enabling the sharing changes the ip without acknowledging the user. Also make sure the DNS addresses on both the devices are same.

  4. Usually I do not comment any blogs which are unknown to me. But seriously, you helped me so much with this. Awesome explanation, good screenshots, and… a working solution! THANKS!

  5. Hi…please can u help me…I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 2…I followed your tutorial and get connected to the infrastructure network created but yet when i open google chrome and search for any website it just keeps on loading and no result..please advise.Thanks

  6. dear frnd…………..thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks………thanks…..etc……

  7. thanksss a MILLION…!!! seriously I have been searching for this type of connection for a long time!!! thank you so so sooo much!!!

    • When the WiFi of your device is on and it lists the Wireless Access Point, just press and hold the name of that Access Point and check show advanced options. Then click IP Settings and change from DHCP to Static. Here you go. Now you can set the static IP and DNS information. Its because in earlier Android, the IP information is managed per Wireless Adapter but later on its managed per Network

  8. Sir I am not connect wireless network connection 2. By default only wireless network connection is available which is wireless PCI Express Card LAN Adapter and cannot be changed.

    • Head over to Settings > Wireless and network settings > WiFi Settings
      Then, press the menu key and select Advanced
      Here you will find the fields for entering the Proxy and Port.
      This way you can configure the proxy in your Android device.

  9. hi thanx for giving such a nice article. But i am facing issues in finding Microsoft Virtual WIFi miniport adapter. I searched also but its not coming i serched on internet also but no use.

    • You can try with the default wireless adapter. If you are unable to get a working WiFi connection, then I think your device doesn’t has the Microsoft Virtual WiFi drivers. You may diagnose this problem from Microsoft’s website.

  10. sir, i m facing a prob. i follow same steps that u mention above. net is working on my android phone bt wht app or play store etc type applications are not working. they show no connection..plz try to solve my prob.

  11. Hi i followed ur all instructions , but no work , my android can connect hotspot but cannot access internet , webpage doesn’t load up

  12. If I want to do this in my desktop PC, then do I need extra WiFi Router or Wifi Lan Card for this? (My Desktop has WiMax net connection)..pls Help

  13. Dude,I tried all these steps,my smartphone Samsung galaxy s2 is also connected to wi-fi network created by me,but still it doesn’t works!!!!Plz help….my broadband connection is Tikona broadband in pune..!!

  14. i followed everything mentioned in the wat mentioned…shows connected on my android phone but unabe to access internet ,its happening in all apps n browsers…using win 7 n 2.3.5 android…please help

    • IP address may not be allotted properly… recheck the ip address and also make sure that the DNS addresses on both the PC and Android are same…

  15. Hi Sanju. I followed all your instructions, precisly. Am using a Galaxy s3 and it connects to my wifi adaptor shared from my 3G usb modem. But the problem is my phone wont connect to the internet, facebook, play store, anything internet related it gives a “try again” error message. even whatsapp texts dont go through. I’ve been reading all the comments and I cant seem to see any help there. PLEASE Help….. What must I do to get this right???

    • First of all make sure you have properly assigned a static ip address in your PC. Then as per this tutorial assign a static ip in your Android.
      Secondly, ensure that the DNS address on both the devices are same. If your ISP don’t have a particular DNS address then assign manually.
      Lastly, check that your Internet connection is properly shared. Also select the connection (through which you are sharing the internet) in the list of connections in mHotspot (if new version)
      Contact me if problem persists thereafter.

      • dear sir,
        i’ve done everything according to your guideline… still can’t access to internet. i’ve switched to maual setting on proxy setting but what should i write on “proxy hotspot name, proxy port and bypass proxy for” , i’m using samsung galaxy s3

  16. dear sir i followed every steps ,got connected to wifi on my phone (htc explorer) but i could not access the internet on my phone . pls help.

  17. Thanks for your kind note. However I cannot connect so far. It says:
    Driver Problem Found. Please Wait Whle mHotspot fixes it..
    Then it says that I need to restart for changes to be applied. After restart, same errors are given…

  18. I have tried your guide but I have a problem getting mHotspot running, whenever is press “Start Hotspot” i get the following error: “Hotspot couldn’t be started because: The group or source doesn’t have the correct status to execute the asked process”
    Do you know of a solution to this problem?

  19. hey,
    I followed all your instructions and i connected to the hotspot. But it disconnected again and again…what do you advice?

  20. Hi Sanjay, I’m using Micromax A110(Canvas) and am trying to connect to my wi-fi connection but continously get the message “Obtaining the IP address”. I have tried to change the Wi-Fi settings as suggested by you above. Firstly, I go to advanced options and change the IP settings to Static from DHCP, change the IP address to, Gateway to, Leave network prefix length to 24, DNS1 is, don’t have Netmask and DNS2 is left to (cannot leave it blank, so what do I fill in?).
    My problem is that the “Connect” button after doing all this is not activated and I can’t seem to save these settings.
    Can you help please?

  21. Great post Sanju….got a query for you though mate…
    I use a proxy to access LAN on my laptop….I followed your steps and got my Galaxy Grand connected to the hotspot i created on my lappy…but after that I have tried with or without proxy in my Galaxy Grand but it doesn’t connect to internet…..although the wifi on Grand is connected and showing sent received in mHotspot on laptop….

    is there a special way to add proxy in Android devices ?….Γ§oz in Apple when I used to connect to the ad-hoc windows network that I used to create, it used to ask for proxy automatically when connecting to any app that required internet….

    • After connecting to your hotspot… in the Wi-Fi settings, long press on the connected hotspot, a menu will appear. Select “modify network config”. Mark “Show advanced options” checkbox. Scroll to proxy settings and select manual. Proxy options will now appear where you can input your desired proxy settings. Hope this solves your query πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for ur reply Sanju but Android doesn’t support proxy authentication (at least if it does I couldn’t find it)….and since I have to enter username and password to authenticate the proxy to connect to internet I don’t think it’s possible with the current Android version…..

      • Dear Sanju,
        i’m facing the same problem.
        kindly advice what should be my desired proxy settings like proxy hotspot name, proxy port, bypass proxy for?
        kindly advice asap, thanks.

  22. thankyou very much air it was urgent project in collage and u showed me the path thankyou thankyou thankyou really helpful……:)

  23. IP address, Gateway, Network prefix length, DNS 1 & DNS 2. These are the options in the advanced menu when i tried to modify a wifi network!

  24. Hello Sanju,
    I have encountered the following issue: the in the Sharing Tab of the LAN connection that I currently use I can check the box “Allow other users to connect through this computers internet connection”. But I have no drop down list to select the wireless connection (the Home Networking Connection). Do you have any ideas? Thank you…

  25. Sanju,
    I’m using Window 7 professional and HTC Sensation Xe with the android version 4.0.3. I’ve followed all your steps but i still cant’t access the internet.I’m connected to the network but there is no internet connection.
    Just to let u know in my phone setting there isn’t the Netmask option to be set to

    It only had IP address,default gateway,Network Prefix length and DNS 1.
    Is it because of this i couldn’t have access to the internet.
    If so,how to solve this problem?

    THanks Alot in advance (:

  26. i have android version ice cream sandwich it automatically detects ip address which is correct but than also net connections fails
    pls help ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  27. but i have a problem now though,the first time i tried to connect my ipad to internet it worked but the second time it failed it kept trying to connect

  28. sir, in my system., only LOCAL AREA CONNECTION is there in ADAPTER SETTING., and right clicking on local connection to PROPERTIES,.there is No sharing tab., and NO Home networking connection under that tab PLzzzzzzzzzzz help me πŸ˜₯

      • In my system also., only LOCAL AREA CONNECTION is there in ADAPTER SETTING., and right clicking on local connection to PROPERTIES,.

        there is No sharing tab., and NO Home networking connection under that tab PLzzzzzzzzzzz help me πŸ˜₯

        and if the reasn is
        “n’t have a WiFi Adapter”

        is there any other solution……

        thnx in advnce……….

  29. brother ,i have samsung y,and i want to use internet in my lap(windows 7) through wifi portable hotsport,,now i conected with it ,,but i cannot acess internet in lap..(there is come no internet aceess) pls help………

    • First of all make sure the Packet data is enabled in your SGY. Then in your lappy, go to Network Settings and ensure that the WiFi adapter is set to take IP automatically. If both these steps are executed well, I think there shouldn’t be any problem in accessing the internet.

  30. Hi Sanju! Its written above that IP Address for PC should be & for android(gingerbread) IP address should be . As both given IPs must be same as u mentioned so pls. correct it.
    I faced one issue with mhotspot (latest version-400kb) on clicking start hotspot, it says “driver problem found, wait while mhotspot restore it to default” but in vain. I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 & also have Microsoft virtual wifi mini port adapter.
    Also, please tell can I use that hotspot(if created successfully) for file transfers between android & laptop(for example: by using Wifi file transfer pro apk on phone). Coz I mainly want to use it for file transfer…& not usually have internet on laptop.
    Pls. help meeee pleeaase.

    • Hello. I never told that both IPs must be same!! In fact, the IP Address of your PC’s “Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter” and the Gateway Address on your Android should be same. Secondly, if you are facing problems with the software, try its previous versions. Also try running it in the compatibility mode. If the problem persists, you can use “Connectify”. And after connecting to the hotspot, you can obviously use it for file transfer. Good luck!

  31. O.K. Sanju! Sorry for being misunderstood…, Will try it for sure…
    To other windows 7 users:- If you don’t see Microsoft virtual mini port adapter in the list, then it might have disappeared from the list but still there in your system. So, b4 downloading another driver, just try the following method:-
    1. Open cmd.exe & run it as administrator.
    2. Now, type the following in single line “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow” (without quotes).
    3. Hit & you’ll see ur missed adapter in the list. πŸ™‚

  32. Bro! My galaxy fit successfully connected to laptop hotspot(created by mhotspot) as per ur given guide. Thank you very much.
    But when I used “Wifi file transfer pro.apk”, the URL it generated isn’t opening my /sdcard on laptop browser(tried with IE9 & Chrome). It’s been a month now since I haven’t connected my phone to laptop…T_T 😦

      • That’s exactly my address too. But it says “cannot reach the server”(can’t access my phone).
        Btw do I need to disable firewall(I don’t think so…) Please help me. Only u seems to be helping me so far.

  33. Aahh… Finally!!! I got it working. & dude I can now even connect to my ad-hoc hotspot. Thanks for ur precious step-by-step guide(didn’t know that at all). πŸ˜€
    God bless u & ur site…Keep up the good work bro. πŸ˜€
    Thanks again…:):)

    • Its my pleasure and thanks a lot for the compliments πŸ™‚ Sorry.. due to some busy schedule I was unable to reply to some of the previous comments.. but happy to know its solved finally..! Happy Networking πŸ™‚

  34. HI,

    I want to know if this will work for the following situation.

    Laptop connects to 802.11 a protocol wifi network. Now create a wifi hot-spot in either b/g protocols.

    The reason is my android device does not support ‘a’ protocol. And I donot have ethernet connection since this is public wifi network for my apatment complex.
    Any ideas on how this could be done.



  35. my mhotspot is not working in windows 7 when i am clicking start hotspot it shows that devices are not working properly please tell me what to do if it works i will rate u 5 stars otherwise…………

    • Try to update the WLAN drivers.. and if your system has a WLAN Switch sort of thing then make sure that the Wireless adapter is turned on before starting mHotspot..! Good Luck!! πŸ™‚

  36. what do i do if instructions shown in 3rd img. in which you have selected the home network opt. does`nt appears 😦 instead of that ESTABLISH A DIAL-UP CONNECTION WHENEVER A COMPUTER ON MY NETWORK ATTEMPTS TO ACCESS THE INTERNET ……… is appearing ????

    • Sure.. I will do the appropriate settings in your PC. Please post a comment or ping me on twitter this Sunday whenever you get free.. πŸ™‚

  37. sir I’m in a college and I created hot spot but when i connect my android(jelly bean) app center isn’t downloading the apps…..sir I don’t want to root my phone & my college use authenticated proxy….is there any solution to download apps..?

  38. Thank you so much for this guide! I searched all over the internet and yours appears to be the most concise and detailed! I read another similar guide as yours but they didn’t mention what IP I should set for the Static IP on the mobile. God bless you!

  39. there is no ‘Wireless network connection 2’ in drop box
    how do i search for Microsoft virtual wifi mini adaptor?

    • Try these:
      1. Open cmd (run it as administrator)
      2. Now, type the following (without quotes!) β€œnetsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow”
      3. Hit enter and you will see your missing adapter in the list

  40. sir im using samsung galxy grand android version 4.1.2. there i didnot find any option to put static ip in wifi advance. im trying fix this problem last one week and its seems i have come very near to solve this by your above explanation. but just can not putting this static ip onmy device

  41. really so so so so so so much tankz dear frnd..i was waiting fr a help fr thiz…caz am using m blaze,nd i tried many tings to gain a wifi acces to my galaxy….bt nw with ur help finally i got it…am so much tankful to u dear..hats of

  42. Hi Sanju, if u remember I asked u question before also on 15 feb regarding not finding virtual wifi2, I tried everything as u told to other ppl also in cmd also but of no use, just tell me one thing I use connectify for my iPhone but for s3 is there any thing by which I can connect to connectify or any other thing or through team viewer u can help me out.

    • Bro, if connectify works on your PC, then you can use the same to create a WiFi Hotspot for your Android. Which type of network you use for iPhone? Is it infrastructure type?

      • Hi, first of all really thanx for taking so initiative for every questions ppl are asking. And for my reply I Cldnt get it regarding network for iPhone. I got tata photon working on my windows 7 and connectify pro in it. And through that my iphon4 get connected.
        But for android it doesn’t show that connectify username.

      • Sorry.. due to a busy schedule I was unable to get back to you these days..!
        I thank you very much for the compliment. Now, regarding the network.. I meant to say is.. we have two types of network: ad-hoc as well as infrastructure network. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, Android is unable to work with ad-hoc network and it detects only infrastructure network (access point).
        Steps to setup connectify:
        1. First of all connect to your working internet connection.
        2. Run connectify. Choose an appropriate hotspot name.(I think you know all these as you have already used it for your iPhone)
        3. Make sure you have NOT manually shared your internt connection from the “Network and sharing center”
        4. Now, select your connection from the “Internet to Share” combo box..
        5. Choose Wi-Fi from the “Share Over” combo box..
        6. This is an important step. Here for the “Sharing Mode”, select the “Wi-Fi access point, Encrypted option”. Rest other won’t work with Android.
        7. Give a password of about 8-63 chars.. and start the Hotspot.

        Hope you get it working..! Good luck! Feel free to contact me anytime! πŸ™‚

  43. great guide however I’m having a problem I’ve followed all the steps and although my phone picks up the hotspot and conneccts to it, it will not load any pages. I’ve connected to the IP address through the static option as you say, help!

    • Proceed as below:

      1. Make sure internet is properly shared.
      2. Cross check the IP address on your PC(WLAN Miniport Adapter) as well as on the Android. Your PC should have (Gateway: Blank) and Android should have (Gateway:!
      3. Assure the DNS address on both the devices to be
      4. If you make use of any proxy on your PC then feed the same proxy details in your Android.

      If everything went fine, you will definitely get it working! Good Luck! πŸ™‚

      • Hi Sanju,

        Thanks for the guide. I went through the guide and all the comments. I appreciate you taking out the time to reply to all the comments posted here. I have done the steps that you mentioned above as well but to no avail. I am using a Samsung S4. There is no proxy on the server and I am using a USB dongle for internet. Can you please help ?

      • Sorry, I forgot to add that eventhough my phone has connected to the network connection, there is no internet access on it.

        Thanks in advance.

      • Thank you very much for the compliment. Regarding the issue, please check whether you find “Internet Access” mentioned below the name of the WiFi network created by you, in the Connected Networks tab? (when you click on the network icon from the taskbar). If it shows “No internet access” then I think internet is not properly shared.

      • Just double checked. It shows internet access. Could it be that it is a problem because I am using a USB dongle instead of a wired connection?

      • Nah! There’s no problem with the type of connection. But if its showing Internet access, then the webpage should open in your android..! I can’t figure out any other issues which is not letting your phone to access the internet. Can you connect another laptop or phone and check if its able to use the shared internet.

    • Which Android OS is your SGS2 using?
      If your device is having Android 4.*.*, the you can try this:

      1. Head over to Settings > WiFi Settings. You will find your hotspot listed. Long-click on it and select “Modify Network..”
      2. Scroll down, and click on “Show Advances Options”
      3. Scrolling down further, you will see a box “IP Settings” Here, change fron DHCP to Static and fill in the required info. Click “Save”.

      And there you go! Best Luck!

  44. I have a question before I go too far in this, I run a pc here at my home and I run an android mobile, Can I assume this is going to require an external antenna (WIFI) coming out of my PC tower before downloading the required files? Also I run a DSL through my phone company. Forgive my ignorance, but, felt it needed asking. Thanks in advance for any information you give!

  45. I just came here to say that there’s alternative way to do it and without additional software.
    You just simply run command prompt in administrator mode and type this:
    “wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=whatevernetworknameyougive key=whateverpasswordyougive”
    then go to your local area connection properties and in sharing tab you enable “allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”
    then you go again to command prompt and type:
    “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” if you want to stop it you type “netsh wlan stop hostednetwork”
    Thats it, the only problem is that you need to type in command line, I guess one can make shortcuts with start and stop commands to enable and disable easily.

  46. Dear Sanju,
    I have read almost all the discussions but I am facing some different problem. I am using Windows 7 – 64 bit (includes Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter) and Cell phone having Anroid 2.3.7. I have religiously followed your step by step instruction; but once press start button to connect Hotspot it goes to identifying…. in the (in the network connections against Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter) but very next second shows “Not Connected” and similarly in cell phone the wifi shows “Not in range”.

    Kindly help out to resolve this issue at your earliest as you already gave resolution of so many issues.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Disable your Wireless Adapter and enable it again. Then reconfigure mHotspot and give a new Network name and password. Then start the hotspot. If you still get the same problem, I suggest updating the WLAN drivers.

      • Dear i have done as per your guidance but still the same problem i.e. it connects and the other second disconnects. I also update the driver but the problem remains same.
        Now any new suggestion……


      • Hey, that means your hotspot is not starting as it should. Do you get the hotspot name listed in the connection list in after pressing the start button?

    • Try this:
      Click on Start > Computer > right-click and choose Manage
      Double click “Services and Applications”
      Double click “Services”
      Scroll down to “Internet Connection Sharing” and double-click on it
      On the “General” tab, set the Startup Type to “Automatic”
      Click “Apply”
      Click the “Recovery” tab
      Click the “Subsequent Failures” button and select “Restart the Service”
      Ensure that “Restart service after” is set to 0 minutes
      OK out and close Computer Management
      You should have the sharing tab now on the Properties of your Wireless

      Good Luck πŸ™‚

  47. Hai, you have done an appreciable job. thank you but unfortunately it couldnt resolve my problem. i use ethernet connected Dell inspiron, win-7. with samsung galaxy y. My prob is i have done everything as explained above but there is no access to internet, no web page is loading. It shows connected to hot spot. I use dial up (id,paswd) PPPOE broadband. My ip will be dynamic or static. Do i need to change it to static? Please help me out. in the network and sharing centre it shows internet access available to wireless connection 2 as well as my ethernet connection. What about sharing using local area connection? Which one i must share.. Please help me. Million thanks in advance..

  48. I followed every step you mentioned. I am using my college lan to share the internet.
    2 points of concern- don’t have a subnet mask entry field in android 4.1.2 & do i have to enter the proxy also?? if so, what?
    please help as m unable to access the web on my tablet/phone.

  49. I use Bsnl broadband. and there is no sharing tab as u show in change adapter settings’ properties. please lease please help me.

    • I m not getting what’s the problem. Can you please explain in details. I just need to know how you connect ur PC to ineternet and is the Android connected to the Wifi network you created?

  50. yar m using nokia e71. i have done all step mentioned problem is when i enter any website, it takes so much time , and finally message display on the screen of cell “time out”what will be problem me plz

    • Check whether internet is working in ur PC. Then recheck the ip addresses on both the devices to be same as I mentioned in this article. Then also check the DNS addresses. If everything went fine, it should work.

  51. thank a lot good working for me nexus 7 but issue…
    i have connected successfully to internet i can use it in nexus 7….
    but after sometime(10-15min) of inactivity it disconnect automatically and then i have to restart hotspot and then reconnect…..

    i know you will solve my problem…
    thanks in advance……

    • My Pleasure πŸ™‚
      Regarding this issue, I suggest first of all, update the WiFi drivers! Then in the properties of your WiFi adapter, and make sure any power management options are not used. Hopefully, this will solve the problem. Please do reply! Good Luck πŸ™‚

  52. My phone is Nokia x6 Symbian. I made the settings properly as u mentioned. Network has internet access but in phone could not access. i made all settings in phone also. pls help me

    • Hello, I got the same problem in my Nokia X6. Initial settings in phone were properly made with no result. Back to laptop I realized that, I don’t know why, IPv4 address had been changed into, so entered the right one as stated above ( One thing more, go to IPv4 advanced properties, tap WINS (third tab on the right) and check second option inside NetBIOS setting frame (tick Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP). Tap OK, OK, OK and Exit and… your Internet access in your Nokia X6 phone is granted!


  54. I hv created a Wi-Fi hotspot successfully with your steps but…………on my android phone internet is not being accessed…… pls help I am not getting the internet access in my android phone………….need help..plzzzz…….

    • Make sure your internet connection is properly shared, then make sure the ip addresses are correctly configured..! If everythin’s fine, it should work..!

  55. Hello ! I’ve read all of the posts and tried everything but still mhotspot cannot see my internet connection share from….. nothing ” no internet sharing” 😦 i’m using a usb internet stick , so i cannot share my internet to my mobile. I can connect to my pc with my xperia acro s using mhotspot but that’s it. no internet.i have win 7 64 Done everything… ip’s, cmd.. i don’t know what to try next.

    • Note the name of the network your USB Stick has created. Then head over to Network & Sharing Centre -> Change Adapter Settings! There can you find a Network connection with that same name? If yes, you can check its properties to enable Sharing..!

  56. Additional info : i’m using a Turkcell internet stick… until one week ago you could just remove the sim from the usb stick and insert it in your mobile phone and you had internet on your phone, but since last week not working anymore… tried on different smartphones.. they did something.. they must hate money and people paying them

    • Maybe the network settings of your USB stick have messed up. Re-configure the network settings for that particular SIM and it will work again..!

    • From the list of available WiFi networks, long-tap your hotspot and Choose “Forget Network”. Also re-configure mHotspot and then try to connect your device with it.

  57. Hi Actually this worked for the first time.but now for the second time my phone does connects to the network but when I try to open something in my phone then it cannot open..What do u think is the problem?

    • In your phone, where the wireless network is listed, just long-press on it and select “Forget Network”. Then create the Hotspot again and try to connect to it again. Most probably, it will work.. πŸ™‚ Good Luck πŸ™‚

  58. hey sanju, you r awesome man, your easy steps helped to connect my i pad to router but from last few days i m facing the error” a device attached to the system is not functioning”.please guide me…

  59. OMG.. its really unbelivable….. its truely working perfectly…. my playstore,watsapp,browser etc….. everything is accessible now….
    Ua really owsam bro….. after many roubles i finally succeded connecting to hotspot by following ur steps….. thanQ my friend… thanks… thanksss aloooottttt………

  60. Hello sir,
    I am using Lenovo B460e and EWNA 150W usb doungle. I follow your guides.
    But internet is not sharing on my laptop. Before the device working good. But now not share internet. Its client mode is working good. Hotspot no response. please help me.

  61. First of all THANK YOU BRUH!
    I have searched for a week and finally found this page.
    You’d think with all the Galaxy users this info would be more readily available.
    Apparently not. But I have no fear with Sanju here.

    I was able to connect to the wifi but could not get to the internet. I finally figured out it was my FIREWALL that was blocking access. I have AVAST. I right clicked and disabled it for 10 min. I got to the internet with no issue. Now I have to figure out how get my Firewall to allow access. I think some of these other earlier posts are having the same issue as me. To reiterate. If you can connect to the wifi but not the internet

  62. i buddy
    i am getting an error message saying “cannot enable shared access” after clicking the wireless network 2 and then ok button. plz help me out with the problem

  63. hey i m using sony live with walkman android 4.0
    I followed whatever you said. created hotspot using mhotspot, changed the ip address both in connection and device, connected successfully my android to the network. the notification shows it is connected. but internet is not working in my phone

  64. Hello sir,
    I am using asus A55V and 4g usb dongle using vpn connection. I follow your guides.
    It shows internet access but i am unable to access the internet. the browser page keeps on loading.

    • Please re-check the ip addresses on both the devices. After enabling haring, the ip adress might have changed. Also check if your firewall is blocking the connection.

  65. Hi,
    I’m using airtel dongle for internet.As you said i was opened the share tab in airtel icon properties there (from network sharing)i’m seeing below error there.

    Rest of the above steps i was done as per your blog.And in tablet it is showing connection is connected also but internet is not working.I’m suspecting because of the above error i’m not able to connect internet in my tablet.Please help me to resolve.

    • Yes unless the internet is properly shared, you won’t be able to access internet on your Android. And in your case, the above mentioned problem is not allowing you to share the internet with your WiFi adapter. It is some internal error and can be fixed by a System Repair. You may look into Microsoft Knowledge Base for a proper solution to this problem.

  66. My android version 2.3.6 gingerbread(samsung galaxy ace s5830),,,and i’m using desktop(my os win7 ultimate)….first i wants to know before configration anyhing can my pc is capable of wifi or wireless network….how do i know that my pc is fully compatible for using this….i’ll be thankful if u help me……

    • Ur PC would be compatible if you have any Wireless LAN Adapter (WiFi Adapter) attached to it. Without a WiFi adapter, this technique is of no use. πŸ™‚

  67. Hi Sanju,

    Hi followed the following steps u r suggested. It got connected successfully but internet is not working in my sony xperia sola(Andriod ICS) . The wifi icon is showing and also showing upload and download sign but internet is not working… Please suggest what to do..

    I also tried by using other ip address like and but it also din’t help..

    waiting for ur reply…. Thanks in advance !!!! πŸ™‚

    • First of all after creating the hostspot in the PC and sharing the internet please check the ip address in the PC again. If it’s different from that mentioned in this article, change it accordingly. Then make the ip settings in your device and connect it with the hotspot. πŸ™‚

  68. It worked perfectly fine for me for one day, After this my phone and pc do shows that device is connected, But when i open any link in my phone, It shows that there is no internet connection. Help please πŸ™‚

    • First of all, check whether “Internet Access” is mentioned besides the name of the hotspot, in your PC. If it is, and still you are unable to access internet on your phone, disconnect your phone, remove the network by choosing “Forget Network” from the list of WiFi Networks, and reconnect. Hope it works πŸ™‚

      • Its now working. First when I start hotspot, it dosn’t works, then when I go to control panel > and change the I.P. address 3rd term to 0 , it works perfectly. So for all those , who can see the wi-fi connection connected, but dosn’t work, try changing the IP address everytime to (this 0 is by default 137 ) This worked for me, so you ppl can also try! Thankyou so much πŸ™‚

  69. Hello Sanju,

    I’ve been trying this for a while now, but it still doesn’t work. i’ve got the same problem as a lot of people here, that it connects to the internet, but i cannot use any browsers etc. i’ve checked the ip-adresses on my android phone (samsung galaxy core) and laptop (windows 7, wireless network connection 2) multiple times, and they’re always the same. i’ve rebooted laptop + phone but no succes.

    is there anything else i can try?

    thnx in advance

  70. Hello sanjay,
    Its connected but I cannot connect to internet. from mhotspot software i can see there is some data transfer. but on mobile it says connection to the server timed out ?
    need your help
    thanks in advance

    • Re-check the ip address in your PC. Also check if your Firewall isn’t blocking mHotspot. If that doesn’t work.. remove the network from your Android device, make the configuration in the PC once again and try to connect…

    • Check the ip address you have set in your PC..! They might have changed after enabling the sharing. Also check whether your Firewall isn’t blocking mHotspot

    • Start Orb > Computer > right-click and choose Manage
      Double click “Services and Applications”
      Double click “Services”
      Scroll down to “Internet Connection Sharing” and double-click on it
      On the “General” tab, set the Startup Type to “Automatic”
      Click “Apply”
      Click the “Recovery” tab
      Click the “Subsequent Failures” button and select “Restart the Service”
      Ensure that “Restart service after” is set to 0 minutes
      OK out and close Computer Management
      You should have the sharing tab now πŸ™‚

  71. hello! i need some help…

    i’ve done all that you taught, and at the very first time, it worked where i can see the wireless network (in the open network and sharing centre) with “internet acess”. connected my galaxy tab and worked fine.

    however, it only lasted for a very very short period of time (a few minutes, maybe…)
    after that the wireless network always shows “no internet connection” on the comp, as such, although my galaxytab is connected to the comp’s wireless, it couldn’t access to the internet (although my comp is fine, internet accessible using LAN cable).

    i’ve tried turning off the firewall, windows defender, and checked and re-checked the IP address many times, but still to no avail.

    would appreciate if someone can come up with a solution to this πŸ˜€

    • I recommend you to remove the network from your Android device (by “forget network” option). Then setup the hotspot again and try to reconnect.

  72. Hello dear Sanju,

    The procedure worked very fine.When I start connecting, it shows obtaining IP from the connection, but it simply does not connect finally. I have checked the IP address and DNS on both devices, which are same, but cant find solution simply. Please help!

  73. I tried all way, but it is not working :(. Some times i can see some message in whatsup but not able to connect through UI.
    I am using Tikona net. there we need to login separatly. Even i am not getting Tikona login page too.

    • First you need to share your “Tikona” connection with “wireless network connection 2”. After that, create the hotspot using mHotspot. Then you need to login in Tikona using your PC’s browser and after you get the internet working in your PC, you will get it working in your Android by connecting to the created hotspot. You don’t have to login in Tikona using your Android. Internet should work in your PC first. That’s it.. πŸ™‚

    • 1. Go to start, search for cmd.. right-click and select run as administrator
      2. Now, type the following:

      netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow

      3. Hit enter, and you are done. πŸ™‚

  74. i have a problem almost same like this, i am trying to use my mobile phone as portable hotspot wifi and my laptop to connect the internet using the wifi p.hotspot, it connected but can’t get internet access. please help me πŸ™‚

    • Before connecting, go to the network and sharing center in your laptop, select change adapter settings and open the properties for Wireless Network Connection. Now, double-click on IPv4 and make sure the ip address and dns is set to “automatic” mode. If you find any ip address and dns address already set, first note down them before changing.

  75. Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
    Can I contact your through your email?

    Please email me back.


  76. hello Sanju ! I tryed what you said but it shows me no internet connection … my phone connects but it does not work .. i got windows 7 but i got internet through portable modem it shows like a stick memory …. please give me a solution or give me you id or facebook if you can explain me with details ….. Thanks a lot I like your work !!!

    • Re-check the ip address in the PC. Sometimes after enabling the sharing, the ip address is changed automatically. Aldo check whether any firewall isn’t blocking the software. If all seems fine, I recommend you to start over. πŸ™‚ And I will inbox you my Facebook id soon πŸ™‚

  77. I have Moto E kitkat 4.4.2. I connected using your instruction device is connected and everything is fine. But can’t open websites on my device

    • Please start over. Also after enabling the sharing in your PC, please cross-check the ip address. Sometimes when sharing is enables, the settings are changed automatically. SO check them and try to connect again.

  78. Brother sanju. Tried everything but still fail.What is
    Proxy settings: None or something else? If i select Manual for proxy settings i hav to write proxy hostname and port.
    DNS2 cannot be left blank in my tablet running on jellybean. Its original value is What do i do now?

    • Copy your PC’s DNS address if any.. or else use and as DNS1 and DNS2 respectively. Also, no need to set proxy settings. Keep then disabled or default. Now it your hotspot doesn’t works, I suggest, create Hotspot again in mHotspot, check the ip settings in the PC and then reconfigure the Android device.

  79. You are a guru my friend! I’ve been battling to get this to work on my ipad 2. At first I could only make it work on my android but finally, my ipad is up!!!! I’m a guy otherwise I would have blown you a kiss ;0. Thanks a gazillion

  80. my operation system is windows 8 and
    my internet connection is dial up broad band connection
    i canto find the dialup connection in mhotspot an virtual router
    the dialup connection dose not show in the software

    plz help me
    how to start the wifi connection in my laptop

  81. Sanju Bro U r a savior… u saved my day.. for last 4-5 hrs i am searching the correct info to setup “Static” ip method to connect my ph n other devices to a Hotspot. The most important part here i found is to assign static ip to “Miscrosoft VWiFi Miniport Adapter”, and that solved all of my problems!
    Here u r using a tool mHotspot to create AP where as i am using netsh command to create and run hostednetwork.
    Thnxx a Ton Bro! Keep sharing!

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